The Clown

In this piece, I asks the viewer to consider the insidious damaged caused by the advertisments of cosmetic products. I subvert the idea of the make-up commercial or tutorial by applying lipstick. As I continue to apply the film becomes amusing as I creates childish clown-face, but as more and more product is applied humour may turn to disgust, angst and even horror as the mouth eventually resembles a something more akin to a wound.

I am not your battleground

In 1989, Kruger created “Untitled (Your Body Is a Battleground)” to be used as a poster for the Women’s March on Washington, which supported a woman’s right to choose. In 2017 I look at the same concept and I realize that we have not gone so far in this topic in comparison to 1989 and Kruger’s art. As an immigrant and woman, I struggle every day in the society to gain my voice and existence in the way I desire. I want to be free from all the string that are attached to me by society and this video art is an attempt to protest to all the rights that we must fight for.

Who am I (Vem är jag)